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Client testimonial

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“When I contacted you I had little hope anyone could help mum in her quest to find compensation for dad’s illness. You were highly recommended to me as a person of integrity and determination and a man also interested in the human story. We had no money to offer in the fight for recognition of dad’s condition. I almost didn’t ring you as I had been so disappointed when dad was ill with the way we were treated with various departments. I cannot thank you enough for the courteous, informative way you have treated me during our fight. This will make a big difference to mum.”
C.K. – Clontarf, NSW
“I can’t believe that the exercise was carried out in that short time, and I do sincerely thank you for the efficient way that you handled the matter.”
R.P. – Burpengary, QLD
“I would like to say how much we appreciate the help you have given us. We are very grateful.”
P.J. – Parafield Gardens, SA
“Thanks for everything you have done for me.”
K.G. – Seaton, SA
“Thank you for your kindness, sympathy and hard work.”
D.S. – Athelstone, SA


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